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Ultimate Animal Breeding Machine For Minecraft 1.3 Tutorial

  • Размещено: 31-08-2012, 20:57
  • Просмотров: 587
Click to subscribeThis tutorial will show you how to the Ultimate animal breeding machine, one of the fastest, compact and resource efficent ABMs to date. Includes baby detection and automatic rotation.Special thanks to our guests in the beginingDocm77 MrPixelTech sciguyryan Map Download & Schematic --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­--------------------------------Want to support my channel? Donate Twitter Facebook Livestream --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­--------------------------------Looking for more tutorials? XP Farms Animal Breeding Machines Mob Spawners Farming Other Tutorials --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­--------------------------------I also have technical / construction LPs where i walk you through epic builds and creations Xisuma's World Hermitcraft --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­--------------------------------Resources (Breeding Bay)68 Building Blocks13 Redstone Torches12 Redstone10 Rails8 Powered Rails2 Detector Rails3 Repeaters3 String2 Tripwire Hooks2 Buttons2 Paintings2 Pistons1 LeverResources (Breeding Cell)36 Building Blocks27 Glass12 Powered Rails4 Rails4 Redstone2 Repeaters

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