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Animal Breeding Machine (Tutorial) Minecraft

  • Размещено: 9-02-2013, 16:09
  • Просмотров: 490
As promised from my "Mob Meat Cooker" video, I have brought to you a simple, very compact and easy-to-use breeding machine. Pretty much, you now have 2 parent mobs which will be suspended by tracks in a minecart and, after being both fed wheat to breed, the baby will drop in a small channel which will converge with wherever you would like to make your destination! I recommend to use my compact cooker for your destination, although it would but just fine if you simply led them to a large open area or a farm.To see my Compact Mob Meat Cooker, click the link below! Hope you all have enjoyed the video, make sure to check back in to see other awesome [compact] inventions, awesome adventuring, and other insane shenanigans!!Peace, Love, and PBR,-UNHOST

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