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[Выживание с Черепашкой] #1 - Снова вместе выживание с черепашкой майнкрафт

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После долгого перерыва мы решили продолжить запись совместных выживаний на картах. Мы представляем вам пилотную часть выживаний на Survival Lava Islands. Скачать карту вы можете по ссылке ниже: Страница ВК - Сообщество стим - Канал Gamers Generation - Канал 3miners1creeper - Live - Обязательно ставьте лайк и комментируйте это видео, если хотите продолжения!Испытания:Build a base in the Mountain Biome.Locate and explore the hidden Dungeon in the Mountain Biome.Make a Wheat Farm.Make a Reed Farm.Craft a full stack of Bookshelves.Grow a Giant Red Mushroom.Grow a Giant Brown Mushroom.Explore all three of the Floating Islands.Build a base on one of the Floating Islands.Create a Melon Farm.Locate and explore the hidden Stronghold in the Desert Biome.Build a Glass base underneath the Lava.Acquire a full stack of Gold Ingots.Make a Cacti Farm.Build a base in the Tundra Biome.Locate and explore the Abandoned Mines.Build a tree-house in the Rain-forest Biome.Locate and explore the cavern of the Rain-forest Biome.Build a base in the Nether Biome.Destroy all of the Ghast Spawners in the Nether Biome.Acquire a full stack of Iron Ingots.Acquire a full stack of Diamonds.Bake a Cake.Fill an entire Double Chest with Food.Make a Cobblestone generator.Make your Cacti Farm fully automatic.Conquer and secure the Nether Castle. Make a Mob Trap which can kill Spiders, as well as Zombies without destroying any drops.Use the riddle to locate the Labyrinth.Locate the Creeper monument.Locate the underground Biodome.Defeat the Lava jump course without placing or destroying any blocks.Establish a large base with at-least four floors, a stable food supply and an unlimited water spring.Build a viewing platform with Coal, Iron, Gold and Diamond Ore Blocks.Build a viewing platform with Iron, Gold and Diamond Refined Blocks.Locate the hidden mansion.



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