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Minecraft Tutorial - How To Download &. Install Minecraft 2.0

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- [Tutorial Overview] -Today I demonstrate how to download and install the "April Fools" joke created by Mojang that is "Minecraft 2.0", despite the fact that this is an April fools joke I defiantly feel that some of these updates could make a future appearance in minecraft so enjoy playing there's some cool features in this.- [Download Link] -Minecraft 2.0 - (Skip Add Top Right After Five Seconds)- [Written Tutorial] -1) Start - Run2) %appdata%3) ".Minecraft" folder4) "Bin" folder5) Replace your current .jar with the downloaded version- [Credits] - Intro: Intro Music: Outro: Texture Pack: - [Show Your Support] -Help me out by supporting the series and my videos in general by doing either one or if possible all of the following things, thank-you. Subcribe Like, Share &. Favourite the video- [Donate] -You are now able to donate to help support my channel if you wish to generously do so, simply copy and paste or click the URL below log into your paypal, and donate an amount of your choice, thank-you in advance to anyone who donates big or small. ;hosted_button_id=JK32...- [Questions, Need Help?] - If you have any questions regarding either this video directly or the tutorial in general then please feel free to post a comment down below and I will respond as soon as possible, if you're having a problem with the application or install/downloading it then please ensure you leave as much detail as possible to help me with my reply.



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