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10 MORE Ways To Fail in Minecraft

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This is a sequel to our previous "10 ways to fail in Minecraft" : Thanks to everyone who supported us! We really appreciate it! Show some love by clicking the LIKE button!... SUBSCRIBE for mOAAre!! and maybe a 3rd sequel?!The 10 FAILS : - Sign Fail- Jump Fail- Fail Mining- Fail Teleport- Fail Obsidian Block Mining- Fail Farming- Trap Fail- Using Sand Fail- New Skin Fail- Instruction Fail [2]Shout Out:Jason "iiLucky" is the man behind the awesome UniqueBrigadiers's background channel and logo. So that is why we wanted to thank him.Credits:Actors: Cee-Jay , Howard , JasonEditor/Recorder: UniqueAll Songs from : Titles: Loping Sting , Merry GoBy Kevin MacLeodDo You guys have any more fail ideas?! Make sure to comment them BELOW. And we are likely to use them.TAGS: Minecraft 10 fails, how to fail, 10 ways to fail in minecraft , noob minecrafters, herobrine spotted, funny minecraft videos, funny video, minecraft fails , UniqueBrigadiers 10 Ways To Fail In Minecraft

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