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Mo' Herobrine Minecraft Survival Day 1 (Lets Play)

  • Размещено: 30-05-2013, 04:33
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READ ME - Sorry, as many of you know, I lost the world data for this world, so this series is effectively over. Click the annotation in the top left corner to go to episode 1 of my restart of this series, in a new world. This is the first day in my new series of Minecraft mod let's play. This time around I am playing with a new herobrine mod which requires me to build a totem pole before herobrine is allowed to spawn. The other mod I have is Mo'Creatures which adds many different animals and mobs to the game and overall makes the game a lot harder for me. The mods can be found via the links from minecraftforum.net that I have posted below.Herobrine mod: Mo Creatures: Too Many Items: I have already recorded several more episodes in this series, so know that it will not be a complete flop after only 3 days like the last series was. In the first day alone I have had several interesting encounters with Herobrine and with creatures from mo'creatures. On day 1 I tried to make my chances of ultimately surviving highest by building myself a house on top of one of the highest hills around in the extreme hills biome. I chopped down some trees and made myself some tools. In future episodes I will need to start an efficient farm and find a consistent source of food to prevent starving damage. I will also need to start a mine and use the ores to create armor and better tools and weapons.



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