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Minecraft 1.5 Pre-Release: Tornado Piston Elevator, Perfect Iron Door, Launch Date - Redstone Update маенкрафт happe bord

  • Размещено: 2-05-2013, 04:32
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I take a look at the new pre-release update available this week for Minecraft 1.5, and run down the list of new features & fixes added. This is most likely the version we'll be getting for 1.5, so I've built a few Redstone contraptions found on Reddit. First is the "Perfect" Iron Door by badman11811, & next is the Tornado Piston Elevator by King Happy. Thanks for watching guys...1.5, the Redstone Update, will be out next week!Hey! I'm Adam (aka Swimming Bird), and I play games every day. I love you guys, and I read every comment! Please Rate and Subscribe: Download: Official Changes: - Bug FixesFull Changes: King Happy's Tornado Piston Elevator: badman11811's "Perfect" Iron Door: Seed: 1.5See what's coming from the previous Snapshots: ;feature=view_allCheck out more funny Minecraft moments with monsters and animals: Music by Kevin MacLeod, entitled "Consort for Brass"Music by Andrew Riley entitled "The Coffee Bean Incident", "A Careless Trifle", Beneath the Boughs", & "Super Kukicha"The song "Swimming Bird's Theme" is by the amazing musician Julian Cornell. Check him out here:



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