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New IP HEREERERERERE!!RaidzCraft.nn.pe:25569RaidzCraft.nn.pe:25569RaidzCraft.nn.pe:25569RaidzCraft.nn.pe:25569RaidzCraft.nn.pe:25569RaidzCraft.nn.pe:25569RaidzCraft.nn.pe:25569Welcome to a epic raiding pvp and faction server, Are you looking for amazing pvp battles, epic raids and factions. Then this is the right place! Get stook in with everything a fellow faction/raiding player would dream of!UPDATED to 1.4.6 ! WhoooWebsite: Vote and get 2 diamond blocks :-) As well as $1000 in game money! Do you want to get that multiple times, like maybe 4. We are now linked up to 4 Server listing sites. Here are the sites you can vote on! (make sure you are in game to get your reward)1. 2. 3. We have just started up and we are ready to go.What kind of plugins do we specialise in:Factions - The best team/guild pugin on bukkit!Shops - Buy/SellTime is money - Get money for the time you spend here!We are quite a small server but donations help, and if you do donate well lets just say epic items are coming your Join our team speak the ip: raidzcraft.no-ip.bizJOIN JOIN JOIN AND VOTE AND JOIN178.239.161.25:25566



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