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Let's Play Minecraft Survival (Part 1) - The Journey Begins!

  • Размещено: 5-03-2013, 21:10
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Today our Minecraft Journey Begins!Watch More Episodes of LP Minecraft by Playlist! Check out my Let's Play Minecraft on the Hermitcraft Server: World Seed: 6125414568718516864I have waited a long time for the full version of Minecraft to be released in order to start up this new LP series. Throughout this entire LP I will be playing on survival hard mode just to make things a little more difficult and fun. Please give this a chance and I promise it will not get in the way of my wifi battle videos. I really enjoy playing this game and I hope you will all enjoy watching it. In it I plan to show off many tip and tricks of the game as well as just having a fun and silly time.In this episode we will be spending a bit of time collecting resources in hopes of setting up a really cool base right in the middle of an ocean biome.Being that this is my first time ever doing a MC let's play, please leave lots of constructive comments on what I can do to make this the most entertaining experience for you. Also, please remember to give this video a like if you enjoyed it so it can get more exposure around youtube.Thanx guys and now enjoy the video! ------------------**Donate: **Twitter: **FaceBook:

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