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How To install ModLoader for Minecraft 1.3.2 Tutorial

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This is a tutorial on how to install Modloader for Minecraft 1.3.2, this tutorial we'll guide and help you through downloading different programs, installing and finally working Mod loader for Minecraft.Winrar ;L=07-Zip Modloader 1.3.2 Download: Modloader 1.3.2 is a amazing installment for Minecraft that allows you to install seperate mods without them clashingor creating errors.If you have any problems or errors make sure to go to the Modloader 1.3.2 download page and go through thefrequently asked question to guide your through your error.I hope this tutorial was easy to understand and allowed to install Modloader with no errors.Thanks for watching.Please thumbs up the video.Make sure to subscribe for future videos:

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