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How to get on my Minecraft Server!!!

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READ THIS:The video came out very confusing IMO, so I decided to type this up.To get on the server, you need the IP(below) but you also need to PM me your Minecraft ID so I can whitelist it. This will allow you to log onto the server. If you want to donate/ become a builder, please PM me.IP: MUST BE WHITELISTED TO LOG ONTO THE SERVER!Basically the defaults will be able to get on the server no matter what. They will be able to /warp places and build/mine like they normally would in the game. Builders are a special class on the server that will only be given to those who donate to help keep the server running. The cost is 2 USD a month, and that will insure I can purchase your slot on the server for that month. Being a builder will allow you to spawn items using the command /i, teleport using the command /tp, and many other features we will be adding later.Link to ifiwasclan's channel:

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