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Minecraft Tutorial #13 - How to Build a Cozy Modern Home (HD) minecraft build tutorial modern house

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In this tutorial video, I show you how to build a two-story cozy modern home. This house has a double-thick first floor ceiling, allowing you to add ceiling tiles to the first floor or carpeting to the second floor without either showing through. The house also has a balcony, offering a great view. You can also mirror this house onto the back of itself to create a double-wide house. Enjoy! =DSeed: -3536189533370143457Coordinates: x=1105, y=71, z=1535========================================================Check out my blog! Follow me on Twitter! Subscribe! Best Minecraft Server Host! Everything in minecraft is createdby Markus Persson (Notch) and the Mojang Team.The game can be found at ========================================================tags:yt:quality=high minecraft beta Minecraft Beta notch survival theblackbeltpanda tutorial guide "how to" tips tricks help building build design construction video commentary "video game" cozy modern home house double wide thick balcony light gray wool glass panes blocks glowstone first second floor ceiling

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