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Minecraft Tutorial - Redstone Daylight Sensor Tutorial (13w01A) (w KestalKayden) что может делать daylight sensor в майнкрафт

  • Размещено: 21-07-2012, 10:35
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Enjoy this video? Subscribe: In Minecraft 1.5.0, a new block called the Redstone Daylight Sensor is introduced. This was released on the 13w01A release which will be showcased in Minecraft 1.5.0. This ore will allow you to use redstone in a way to detect how much light is entering the daylight sensor.To create the daylight sensor, you'll need Nether Quartz, which is also a new ore solely found in the Nether as of the same release date; this will also be introduced into Minecraft 1.5.0.Utilizing the daylight sensor and the NOT logic gate, you can create an inverted daylight sensor, which would, for lack of a better term, be a night-time sensor. This could be very useful for automated lighting. I also show you how to change the exact time of which the night time sensor could activate; for example, with a few extra strands of redstone powder before the inverter, you can activate the automated lighting prior to sunset.Keep in mind that the daylight sensor is only activated with natural sunlight; you cannot utilize glowstone or torches to activate it. If a block is placed above the Redstone Daylight Sensor, the overall power absorbed will be hindered.If you liked this Minecraft 1.5.0 video, don't forget to hit subscribe and the like button. It helps me out and it gives me a lovely feeling in my inner parts!Youtube: Tumblr: Twitter: Facebook: The Music in this video was purchased for use with this channelIntro Music: IntroOutro Music: Outro

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