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How To Airbend in Minecraft [Tutorial]

  • Размещено: 26-12-2012, 10:54
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This is a tutorial on how to airbend in Minecraft using the MinecraftTLA bending plugin.It's been almost 2 months since the last bending tutorial, that's crazy!In this video, I cover how to use the following moves in detail: -Tornado-Airblast-Airbubble-Airburst-Airscooter -Airshield -Airspout-Airsuction-AirswipeThe music used in the video belongs to The Track Team, I do not own the rights for the soundtrack used in the video. The music is a mixture of songs from the Season 3 ATLA album and the Legend of Korra soundtrack.Here's a link to the plugin made by orion (awesome guy, support his work): The plugin allows you to control the elements of Fire, Earth, Water and Air. You also have the option to choose to be a chi-blocker. I will be doing tutorials on how to bend all of these elements as well as a tutorial on how to install the plugin itself on your own server.Here's the link to the list of official servers that have the plugin installed: pages/official-ser...(I play on FourNationsMC in case you were wondering :P)Don't forget to leave your suggestions below for the next element tutorial videos!Thanks for watching guys, this took a lot of effort so feel free to subscribe... You know, if you want :PTAGS (Ignore):Minecraft last airbender modMinecraft last airbender modMinecraft last airbender modMinecraft last airbender pluginMinecraft last airbender pluginMinecraft last airbender serverMinecraft TLA modMinecraft TLA pluginMinecraft bending modMinecraft bending modMinecraft bending modMinecraft bending pluginMinecraft bending pluginMinecraft bending review Minecraft bending animationMinecraft bending serverMinecraft bending serverMinecraft bending battleMinecraft bending battle Minecraft bending tutorialMinecraft bending tutorialMinecraft bending bukkitMinecraft bending bukkitMinecraft bending mod 1.3.2Airbending FirebendingEarthbendingWaterbendingAnimations

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