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MCTUT - How to Build a Sliding Underground Base NIMSTUT - How to Build a Sliding Underground Bas

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UPDATE: Version 3.0 is here!!! Much more compact, added sliding stairs, and more super goodness! Check it out here: There was also a version 2.0, but now that 3.0 is out, it's a bit outdated. But! If curiousity has the better of you - of course you can still take a gander at it here: Are you a tutorial junky? Check these out!Perfectly hidden 2x2 door: Super compact T FlipFlop: Hopper Flip Flopper: Raising/lowering Castle Gate: Oh! And you should totally check out the Minecraft Let's Play here: As requested by 'thepofffamily' I show the interwebs how to build a underground base door thingy. Its weird. I dunno. Just watch! =D---------------------------------Check out the NimsGaming Livestreams! Become a fan on facebook! Donate via PayPal: Subscribe to Approaching Nirvana! Purchase 'So Close' by Approaching Nirvana Here: ---------------------------------

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