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Minecraft Tutorial - Basic Logic Gate Tutorial (/w Kestalkayden)

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Do you enjoy this video? Subscribe: In this tutorial we are using Minecraft 1.4.5 and demonstrating the use of various logic gates. This Minecraft Logic Gate tutorial covers all of the simple logic gates that can be done in Minecraft to date.Minecraft Not Gate - This is also known as the inverter. The Minecraft Not Gate inverts the current of the input. So if you flip a switch on, the output will be off.Minecraft AND Gate - This gate is used when you wish to use 2 levers (any switch mechanism will do) where both inputs need to be turned on for the output to be turned on.Minecraft OR Gate - This gate has 2 inputs, but only the AND Gate, the Minecraft OR Gate only needs one of the two inputs to be turned on, for the Output to turn on.Minecraft NAND Gate - This gate is similar to how the AND Gate functions, but requires the exact opposite to provide power to the output. Both inputs must be turned off for this to gate to function. (its visually useful if you want your switched to actually flip up to turn on)Minecraft NOR Gate - Quite like the OR gate but in reverse, this switch requires either of the 2 inputs to be turned off to function. This works well in a visual way where if you want both switches to be visually pleasing, or a hidden door to be in its own position by default (if using something like buttons, mixed with delays, etc).You can create many wonderful logic-based contraptions with redstone and even build a beacon to give you passive buffs to help destroy your enemies.If you liked this Minecraft 1.4.5 video, don't forget to hit subscribe and the like button. It helps me out and it gives me a lovely feeling in my inner parts!Tumblr: Twitter: Facebook: The Music in this video was purchased for use with this channelIntro Music: IntroOutro Music: Outro

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