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Minecraft 1.5 scoreboard tutorial. Including testfor and teams. scoreboard objectives

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Full unabridged commandblock managed scoreboard. Including all objectives, setting up a scoreboard, setting display, adding and removing points, scoreboard testfor commands, teams, team options and team testfor's..Yes its a long video but it covers it all... well most of it..World Download: Scoreboard Wiki Commands:/scoreboard objectives add [name for objective] [objective] [display name]/scoreboard objectives setdisplay [display location] [name for objective]/scoreboard players add / remove @p [name for objective] [amount] /scoreboard players set @p [name for objective] [amount] /scoreboard players reset @a/testfor @p[score_GameVar_min=2,score_GameVar=2,score_Lives_min=0,score_Lives=0]/scoreboard teams join team player/scoreboard teams leave team player/scoreboard teams empty team/scoreboard teams option [team] [friendlyfire|color] [value]Wanna chat or message me? drop by my google plus page to message me h or tweet me @MineDragnozIf you want me to show you anything in particular please leave a comment.Music: Countdown to Chaos, Composed by C.P.Bryan. It can be found at



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