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Minecraft Tutorials - E11 Cozy Cottage - Part 1 (Survive and Thrive II)

  • Размещено: 7-05-2012, 16:09
  • Просмотров: 369
How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft 1.0! In this episode, we begin construction on our first home, a cozy cottage! We clear some waterfront property, lay the foundation, and build the frame. Cozy cottage design by Leostereo: Download this tutorial world: or create it from scratch: WEB: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: Get Minecraft here: In this episode you will learn:- how to build a house- how to make glass- how to use shears on tall grass and leaves- how to sleep in a bed to stop rainTags: yt:quality=high minecraft "minecraft beta" "minecraft 1.0" "minecraft survival" "minecraft tutorial" "minecraft help" "pc gaming" paulsoaresjr tutorial gameplay commentary tips secrets gaming computer retro help beginners survival guide how to survive "survive and thrive" "cozy cottage" "minecraft shelter" "minecraft house"

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