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Can't Hold Us - Macklemore x Ryan Lewis (Parody)

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Parody of Can't Hold Us by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Ray Dalton. This was a school project. (skip to 2:34 for dubstep dancing)Lyrics:You need to get to school,Get up!Whatsa time?, I'm so tired, where's my clothes?, catch the bus!Looking for another way to occupy myselfinstead of staring at the window looking kind of like an elf I get off!Star bucks, I start walking,I see a little dog, and it starts barking Sometime around like 8:15,I grab a b-ball and then start playing. Yep, man, left handed bell rings, were strandedI head to my lockerand put on odor blocker.All homework,is done and ready for first period except for science 'cause I have a,study haaaalll I ask for gum but no one gives me the right they just laugh at me and tell me to get out of their sight.Really? I go to my next class, and head to the restroomThen I grab a little snack, and stumble into the classroomCatch me, I can find out any equation without the teacher knowing the teacher is also very very boring, with his 20 hour lecture 'bout what's a rock and what's a knack mac, crap I'm coughing Tables are cleared, and they don't hand me nothingexcept given from the teacher, an assignment about the country x2I'm ready for math class, I had an assignmentit was basicly easy, except for one questionSo I put my hand up, like the teacher hasn't told us.and she started to scold usI'm in a long line, kids cut in front of meI tell them to stop, and to go behind meso I put my hand up, cuz he just budged in front of usits exactly what he always doesWhat? Should I kick it? Heads up, man I'm starting kick buttI threw up, really wanted a gold cupbut thats what happens when your hands are buttercupsball can't touch me, throw hard like I gotta have meeting with BarneyAnd I'm eating all the meat like I gave a little treat to the great white sharks on shark week Ahh! staring at the sun manWhen is class done? I really gotta pee and I want to go back home this teachers giving me a fever cuz she never taught me 'bout RomeThat Shakespearean saying about Romeo and JulietI gotta make a poem and it goes likeunstressed syllables this is an outrageive only got this much done and i still gotta write a whole pageI ask for a help right beside me butIf I fail, I retake, and from that failureI gain knowledge to keep studying morestudy hall begins, I work with partnerhe doesnt do nothing, so I start to get hotterand I throw my hands up, and all the papers are flyingit don't matter, I'm dying Schools almost out, the countdown kicks offI'm about to shout, but then I start to coughand I throw my hands up, cause the day is almost doneand the fun has begun.

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