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"Together Forever" - A Minecraft Parody of Taylor Swift's We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

  • Размещено: 6-09-2012, 20:38
  • Просмотров: 384
Steve meets a new girl named Taytay, who is considerate and gentle. Candi gets jealous and attempts to ruin their friendship by sabotaging them... Beginning story of Steve & Candi: How Candi got crazy: Enjoyed the video? Subscribe! === Credits === Vocals by Betty Audio by NineDiamond Sound Effects: Special thanks to NineDiamond! Subscribe to him! Ending music: STABBY - Bonds Lyrics:Making a cake for Steve, the last timeHe said our relationship is over, that's why.I haven't seen him in a day or two When he said he was off to mine, okay!Then I saw you near a cute pink house Oh my, chatting with some random chick, I'll kill herRemember how I said we were true loveI say I love you, you dump me, I call you, don't leave meOoh, I caught you with some other chick,But ooh, this time I'm finding her, I'm finding herWe will always always always be together foreverWe will always always always be together foreverYou can't run from me Steve, to escape with that girl,But we will always always always always get back togetherLike, ForeverI truly miss all the creations, you builtAdoring me when I'm mad, than youWould hide away with that girlAnd I'll show you a portion of my crazy mindOoh, I'll be that girl you liked beforeBut ooooo, this time I'm tricking you, tricking youSteve my honey sweet sugar pie, I've been cured and normalSteve my darling you are the lord of all creationsI'll never ask you to build anything for meSo Steve just stay with me forever ever! And never leave meOoooooo YEAH! Ooooooo YEAH! Ooooooo YEAH! OH OH OOH!

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