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Minecraft: TOP 5 MODS FOR MINECRAFT (1.5.2) Top 5 Minecraft Song Parodies of August 2013 UPDATED музыка

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Show some love by leave a LIKE and if you really like it, leave a comment! :DWhat is your top 5? Tell me in the comments section!--------------------------------------- Subscribe, it's free! [ ] Follow my tweets! [ ]---------------------------------------All the mods (not in the same order as in the video) : RPG Inventory :My Review [ ]Download it [ ] Torched :My Review [ ]Download it [ ] Mutant Enderman :My Review [ ]Download it [ ] The Legend of Notch :My Review (Updated) [ ]My Review (Old) [ ]Download it [ ] Atum Dimension :My Review [ ]Download it [ ]---------------------------------------Intro music/song [ ]---------------------------------------In this video you can see: My personal list of the top 5 best mods for minecraft, current version is 1.5.2 although there are some lower mods that are for 1.5.1.TAGS:minecraft,tctngaming,tctn,tony,mod showcase,mod review,mod spotlight,mini game,adventure, funny, fun,minigame,commentary,tony,tctnwow,tonytctn© 2013 TCTNGaming

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