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Hypixel Lobby - Minecraft Server (1.5.2) сервер hypixel 1.5.2

  • Размещено: 17-03-2013, 07:07
  • Просмотров: 18134
Server Address: mc.hypixel.netLike, subscribe and comment below with your IGN for a chance to win a blaze pet :)Blaze will be given on the 1st of july.You can play unique minigames or redstone adventure maps on the server!If you want to be a VIP to support the server: VIP rank lasts for lifetime :)Thanks to MCProHosting for their help and support, you can get 25% off on MC Servers with the code "Hypixel" :) Current Games:The Walls (Official Server)Blitz Survival Games (Official Server)Quakecraft (Official Server)Paintball Warfare (Official Server)Hypixel Adventure Lobby (Official Server)Bow SpleefSpecial thanks to my friends at Mithrintia, go subscribe to their channel here: Also extra thanks to Gazamo and MCFRArchitects!The server has a Quick Travel Menu if you click your compass to help you travel to the minigame of your choice.You can turn off players with your Magic Clock if you are having lag caused by the amount of people around you.In the adventure lobby you can create or join a party to play my redstone adventure maps with your friends or random strangers!You can support the server by getting a pet!There is a lot to do on the server, have fun :)More information about the server:

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