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Poisoned Nether Wart - A Minecraft Animation

  • Размещено: 24-03-2013, 11:00
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Ever wondered how Ghasts are made? Unfortunately Steve finds out after an accident with a brewing stand...Rigs, assets, animation and editing (basically everything apart from the music) by me, music by Kevin Macleod.Software used: Blender (using the Cycles render engine) and Sony VegasTwitter! Facebook! Additional note:I heavily improved my Steve, Chicken and Pig rigs for this animation, and I think they are working much better than the previous versions. They are still far from perfect though. This is also my second Minecraft animation using the Cycles render engine, (the first being my 1000 sub animation) and it serves more as a tech demo than as a 'proper' animation (I prefer Piston Problems to be honest :P). It was also rendered using an Asus GTX 670 with 4GB Vram.STATS:Frames - 2245Samples - 100 (150 when Steve and the pig walk through the portal)Avg render time per frame - 2:45 minsMin render time per frame - 2:30 minsMax render time per frame - 3:00 mins

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