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Minecraft - Ultimate SMP House Tour/ All Mob Farms (Toasted's 400th Video)

  • Размещено: 18-06-2013, 03:18
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Thanks for watching 400 videos, guys! As requested, this is a tour of my house and mob farms from my server.House features (and corresponding related videos):Automated farms - Variable Power Enchanting Room - Hidden Disco/Dance room - Pet kennelHidden personal armoryTwo 6-beacon pyramids w/ selectable powers - Multiple personal mob farms100% efficiency strip mineRedstone testing roomAutomatic tree farmVillager vending machine - Automated villager trading - Mob farms:Personal skeleton farm (built by me)Personal cave spider farm (built by me)Personal zombie farm (built by me) - Personal slime farm (built by me) - Personal sheep farm (built by me) - Community blaze farm (built by me)Community iron golem farm (built by usmcnash)Community witch farm (built by me and KarimIsBad) - Community wither skeleton/ pig zombie farm (built by me and KarimIsBad) - Community enderman farm (built by me, KarimIsBad, Pacotaco4272, MtCharlie, and others) - Don't forget to leave a rating!The texture pack used is my personal texture pack. The link to it can be found on my channel page.No world download will be made available. World size currently exceeds 2 gigabytes, and is reserved for members of the server.No, you may not be whitelisted.

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