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Minecraft: Fun With 12w37a! (Infinite Forest Growth / TNT Explosions & More!)

  • Размещено: 10-12-2012, 21:54
  • Просмотров: 298
Ratings are Appreciated! Feedback is Welcome!12w37a Snapshot Review: 7,0x3,12 - Sand Falling Fun7,46,4x12,72 - Sand + TNT Barrage29:1,12,72- Piston + Pressure Plate Derp7,2x3,2,6 - Tree Growth Insanity7,46,2,72 - Raw TNT BarrageMerchandise Store: Secondary Channel: Twitter: Facebook: Twitch.TV: The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here:

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