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DubWars - Minecraft Universe Eclipse Song! - High score of 4,094,695 dubwars Eclipse трек

  • Размещено: 2-03-2013, 13:52
  • Просмотров: 331
Support the Kickstarter! Upvote on Steam! Download the game from the kickstarter website. If you want to play Eclipse, use the code "Jason" to unlock the song!Minecraft Universe Original Eclipse song: ---------------------------------------So first non minecraft video in a long time. This here is dubwars. This is an arcade style game where you shoot enemies to get more points. Dubwars uses the beats within the music to shoot. So if the part of the song is faster, you shoot faster, if it is slower, you shoot slower. Use this to your advantage and reach a high score!I'm allowing video responses to this video if you beat my score of 4,094,695. Of course after the first day I noticed there are a lot of way better players then me. So I will only be able to list the top 10 scores.Top 10 High Scores so far: Updated 6/21/131) Score: 122,318,9892) Score: 65,591,4333) Score: 34,076,1444) Score: 27,972,3525) Score: 22,396,3146) Score: 19,706,3627) Score: 19,050,3818) Score: 18,548,0469) Score: 16,491,31910) Score: 14,699,664



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