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READ DESCRIPTIONI HAVE NO PART IN THE MAKING OF ANY OF THESE MUSIC VIDEOS. IF YOU ARE UNHAPPY WITH THIS VIDEO, I SHALL TAKE IT DOWN UPON REQUEST. THE VIDEOS ARE THE WORK OF THE OWNERS LISTED BELOW. NO INFRINGEMENT WAS INTENDED. Thank you.DAMN This video was a real BITCH to upload. First attempt, uploading and processing, waited 4 hours, the upload fails. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUQ! Second attempt, uploads and processes, upload successful, but I had to wait an EXTRA HOUR. And actually, my initial plan was to upload it to 1080P, but that would probably take days, so I'll just have to settle for 720P. But anyway, the main thing is it got uploaded, and that's all that matters. :D Also, I apologise as some songs' audio got messed up and it sounds as though they were playing through broken speakers (e.g. Revenge: 1:28:20) but oh well. Anyway I hope you enjoy the video! Recording and Editing: Camtasia Studio 8Editing Time: 2 Hours Approx.Upload Time:5 Hours (+ 5 HOURS EXTRA)Songs+Owners/Producers:30:Before Monsters Come: 29:In search of Diamonds - 28:All I do is Dig: 27:Creepers Are Terrible: 26:Minecraft Song (Talking About Minecraft): 25:The Minecraft Song - 24:Minecraft Everyday - 23:I Just found Diamonds - 22:I love my Minecraft World - 21:Dwarf Hole(Diggy Diggy Hole) - 20:Screw the Nether - | 19:It's Herobrine - 18:I Can Swing My Sword! - 17:Enderborn - 16:Cubeland - 15:Mineshaft - 14:From The Ground Up: 13:Glowstone Love - 12:I'll Make some Cake - 11:I Hate Creepers - 10:Form This Way - | 9:I Found A Diamond: 8:TNT - 7:Skelly Heart: 6:Mine: 5:Fallen Kingdom - 4:Minecraft Style - 3:Revenge - 2:Don't Mine At Night: 1:Make A Cake: CHALLENGE: Lets try and get this video to 550,000 views and 5000 likes! Rate, Comment, Add to your Favourites, Share it around and SUBSCRIBE!

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