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Top 15 Minecraft Songs of 2013

  • Размещено: 11-12-2012, 17:20
  • Просмотров: 429
please enjoy remember that this top 15 songs is based on my opinion but next time i will be having a top 20 minecraft songs and i will order the songs based on the popularity of your guys opinion so make sure to vote on what your favorite song is and the most popular votes will be number 1 an then next will be 2 ect (these next words will all be capitalzed because i want to make sure you see them its not because im mad) ABOUT HALF WAY THROUGH "I CAN SWONG MY SWORD" IT SEEMS TO BUFFER THATS NOT YOUR COMPUTER IT WAS MINE I FORGOT TO EDIT THAT OUT WHEN I WAS RECORDING THESE SONGS FOR THIS VIDEO THEY SOMETIMES HAD TO BUFFER AND I EDITED MOST OF THEM ALL OUT BUT I FORGOT THAT ONE SO EVERYONE WILL SEE THE BUFFER I JUST WANTED YOU GUYS TO KNOW IT WAS MY FAULT NOT YOUR COMPUTERS SLOWNESS so yea please enjoy :)and heresa links to my first and most popular top ten Minecraft song out of 4 top Minecraft songs i have uploaded with reaching 3,000,000 views-"top ten Minecraft songs of august 2012" - song links in order by there ranking in the video -#15 TNT - #14 Cube land - #13 Creepers are terrible - #12 I found a diamond - #11 IL make some cake - #10 I can swing my sword - #9 Revenge - #8 From the ground up - #7 Fallen kingdom - #6 Mine with me - #5 Fight the mobs - #4 Minecraft style - #3 Don't mine at night - #2 Screw the Nether - #1 Creepers gonna creep - songs in next top 20 by your opinion popularity[song] [popularity]tnt 17 votehack that 1 votecube land 34 votemineshaft 5 voteminecraft is just awesome 4 voteskelly heart 2 voterevenge 17 votedont mine at night 40 votecreepers gunna creep 5 voteredstone 2 votemine with me 5 votescrew the nether 13 votecreepers are terrible 5 votefrom the ground up 10 voteil make some cake 7 votemake a cake 5 voteminecraft style 13 votei found a diamond 5 voteminers and we know it 4 votefallen kingdom 21 votediggy diggy hole 7 votei came to dig 1 votemine 3 votesbefore monsters come 1 votethe mob rap 1 and 2 6 votethis is my biome 5 votekeep building 1 votetrade shop 3 voteglad your tame 1 voteenderborn 5 voteim a noob 1 voteminefall 1 votediamonds in the deep 2 votemine party 1 votei can swing my sword 11 votei just found diamonds 3 votenever say goodbye 9 voteits herobrine 1 votelike an enderman 3 votethe miner 41 voteminecraft christmas 5 votelike a block 3 votei hate creepers 1 votemine it out 4 votein search of diamonds 2 votefight the mobs 1 votejoin me stevie 1 voteil play minecraft 2 votegriefer 1 vote50 ways mobs die 1 votenever mine together 3 vote

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