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"From the Ground Up" - An Original Minecraft Song by Laura Shigihara (PvZ composer) Music Video видео майнкрафт NikNikamTV

  • Размещено: 21-01-2013, 21:22
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Download the song here! Song by Laura Shigihara Laura's Twitter: -Check me out here-:Twitter-- Facebook-- MainChannel: Second Channel: Short summary of the story. The woman sees doom coming so she prepares. The man thinks she's getting kind of crazy from her old age. The doom stuff happens and he realizes she was right. They end up in the tower and see a photo of themselves with their son Steve (from cubeland) holding his pig. You realize they are in hardcore mode, so once they pass away the old world is deleted and a new world is made. They are young again because they have to start over. Map made by Grian from CraftedMovie Skins by Storm_SmurfRigs by NikNikamTv Minecraft world exporter jMC2OBJ Special Thanks to Justin for rendering help and creating the dragon rig Also special thanks to BootstrapBuckaroo and CaptainSparklez for inspiring me to get into animation. It's been a great learning experience over the last year!Lyrics:(verse 1) Yesterday it rained Watched everything wash away It took some time to dry Before I could feel okay I used all my tools Foundation of clay You kept digging this hole But climbing's not my forte (pre-chorus) Take what you need We can fight our enemies But we have to hurry before the world crumbles around us (chorus) Take my hand We can build a land from the ground up I don't even mind leaving it behind us Watch and wait and work until it all falls down (verse 2) Today the sky fell Clouds in disarray I put back all the blue Before the sun could complain There were stars everywhere Zombies at my gate Now that the end is near Nothing left to do but wait (pre-chorus 2) Are we prepared? Are we there? Do you even care Now I am afraid, but it's okay The world crumbles around us (repeat pre-chorus and chorus)

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