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TU12 Info, Features & Release Date - Minecraft Xbox 360 | Title Update News isminecrafting.ru

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Welcome to a TU12 news video! In this video I go over everything that could possibly be in title update 12 and I also talk about the release date! TU12 is the next big update coming to Mincraft: xbox 360 edition! It will bring many cool features to the game such as jungle biomes, ocelots, iron golems and maybe even villager trading. There is no confirmed features yet but a lot of the stuff in this video is bound to be in TU12! I hope you all enjoy my predictions of title updat 12 and join the discussion in the comment section below!---------------------------------------------------------------------------New vlogging channel, videos soon!: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Please THUMBS UP AND FAVOURITE THE VIDEO and SUBSCRIBE if you're a #truefrog !!!---------------------------------------------------------------------------Like our facebook page - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Follow us on Twitter - @theefrogsquad or ---------------------------------------------------------------------------SUBSCRIBE and join Thee Frog Squad - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Frog t-shirts: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------Donate US dollars to charity: Donate GB pounds to charity: Harrison's channel: Our awesome GFX guy: @benasen*Disclaimers*FTC: I don't receive free products and I've purchased everything featured in this video myselfMusic from and OUTRO MUSIC:

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