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Minecraft (Xbox 360) - TU9 Update - ALL 12 HIDDEN CHEST Walkthrough/Guide TU для майнкрафт для Xbox

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Hey Comrades! Decided to bring you guys a Guide on How to Find all 12 Hidden Chest on TU9 Tutorial world. I explain it and walk you through as best as i can i hope this helps.Be sure to LIKE the video it helps and SUBSCRIBE to stay updated with the latest Minecraft Xbox 360 News & more. Subscribe to my channel: My Twitter: Instagram: Coordinates if you need them! "Extra Tags"minecraft mine craft xbox 360 editon xbla complete change log list everything arcade 4j studios mojang update after 15th interview confirmed no trailer parody bigbst4tz mcxbox360 finally this month videos tutorial glitch cribs world howto 1.2 TU9 1.0.1 spleef visual 1.2.3 episodes series notch creative mode September 2012 bigbst4tz2 bigbstatz easter eggs food bar first look let's play howto projects new mods reviews game modes working design animation cartoons movies golem machinima machinimarealm

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