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Minecraft Xbox 360 - Happy Birthday Minecraft! (Free Birthday Skin Pack) May 9th 2013. видео баги в майнкрафте на xbox 360

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Please help my channel and videos grow by leaving comments and ratings. =)My Facebook Page: My Twitter: How I Record Console Gaming Videos: Well, today it is Minecraft Xbox 360's first birthday!To celebrate, 4JStudios has given us all a free Birthday Skin pack to get.It has 23 Skins to choose from and we also get a Birthday Cake Cape for the weekend so enjoy it while it lasts! =DThe first year of Minecraft has been amazing for me.I am so happy that they made it for the Xbox 360 and I am sure it will be for the 720 as well.But yea, without Minecraft, I wouldn't have gotten this far.As well as I still thank SkyDoesMinecraft for the boost.But yea, I have to ask, what was your experience with Minecraft? What was your memories of this wonderful game?So with the first year down, we have many more to go and more updates for us to get!Keep going 4JStudios you have our support. =PAlso, please fix the Wolf with a Collar skin. O.oI also want to thank all of you for the support and I hope to be successful with this channel. =PEnjoy, have a nice day and cya in the next video.~Swordking090~

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