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Minecraft (Xbox 360) - Hunger Games w/ YouTubers! - #4 - "JURASSIC LIGHTS OUT" майнкрафт с тивам

  • Размещено: 15-04-2013, 14:28
  • Просмотров: 174
Some more Hunger Games for you! My last one wasn't quite a success, so let's hope this one isn't all that bad. I'm playing on this BEAST new map built by cRz Choo Choo and his clan, be sure to check him out! The DL link will be available once his video has reached 500 likes!Map Details: Map Creator - DL Link - (Will be availible once Choo Choo's video reaches 500 LIKES! - )The Competitors: Choo Choo - StampyLongHead - iBallisticSquid - Lewis Blogs - Officially Smithy - • Twitter: • Facebook Page: • Store! (UK): • Store! (US): Music Used:• "Paradise Lost" - MediaMusicNow.com-----------------------------------------------------Extra Tags: minecraft mine craft xbla arcade edition xbox 360 new news info information tu12 tu11 gameplay features release date today this month this week skin pack 5 dlc texture packs hunger games with w/ youtubers other newMinecraft Xbox 360 Hunger GamesMinecraft XBLA Hunger GamesMinecraft Hunger Games

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