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Minecraft Xbox 360 - Title Update 12 Updated Screenshot! *NEW* xbox 360 minecraft title update скачать

  • Размещено: 12-05-2013, 07:58
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LIKE!! IF YOU'RE EXCITED ABOUT TU12 Follow me on Twitter: Confirmed Tweet: Hello there Minecraft Xbox 360 fans, I'm ecko and in this video I'm going over the up and excited update Title update 12. We all have a good idea on what we're going to see on the console version update. 4j studios have confirmed the update still has alot to be done but they're kind enough to share small images on what to expect in the update. The image you can see in the video make sure you check it out and can you guess all the things they're going to be adding. Hope you've all enjoyed this video if you have drop a like!! My Server: ECKOCRAFT.COM:25822 Server Store: Previous Videos: Minecraft Trolling: Bet You Didn't Know? All Achievements: MinecraftXBLA MOD: Minecraft Xbox One: MinecraftXBLA Mod: GTA 5 New Pics: Xbox One Info: Minecraft Xbox 1 Trailer: Hardcore Survival Ep.4 Modded Tools: Texturepack: Subscribe: Follow me on Twitter: Sponsors: Minecraft servers: Hauppauge: EXTRA TAGS READ IF YOU'RE A POTATO"minecraft hunger games" "mineraft games" "hunger games" "minecraft mcpvp" "minecraft hunger games server" "minecraft hungergames maps" "minecraft survival games" "minecraft custom games" "minecraft glitches" "minecraft mini games" "minecraft battle fest" "minecraft map download" "minecraft mods" "minecraft xbox 360 hungergames" "minecraft the end update" "xbox 360 minecraft" "minecraft xray mods" "minecraft dupe glitch after patch" "minecraft pvp" "minecraft hungergames" Minecraft custom games" "minecraft games" "minecraft hungergames server" "minecraft xbox 360 hungergames" "minecraft survival games" "minecraft house tutorial" "minecraft xbox 360 edition" "minecraft fly tutorial" "minecraft" "minecraft glitches" "minecraft mini games" "minecraft battle fest" "minecraft custom map download" "minecraft free server" "thesyndicateproject" "antvenom" "captainsparklez" "notch" "minecraft xbox 360 glitch" "minecraft duplication glitch" "zombie mod download" "minecraft installer" "minecraft noteblock" "minecraft music tutorial" "minecraft music block" "minecraft redstone jukebox" "minecraft xbox 360 music" "minecraft xbox 360 tutorial" "minecraft xbox 360 texture pack" "minecraft the end update" "minecraft jukebox redstone" "minecraft contest" "free microsoft points" "minecraft xbox 360 free download" "minecraft glitch" "minecraft hungergames" "minecraft xbox 360" "minecraft mansion tutorial" "minecraft xbox 360 seed" "minecraft xbox 360 spawner mod" "minecraft mod download" "minecraft xbox 360 mods" "minecraft xbox 360 modding"

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