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Bugs and annoyances in minecraft (1.4.2)

  • Размещено: 11-06-2013, 17:45
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This video and the mod was made by THREE people, so please visit :Panda4994 - Ich_ - Music: Opportunity Walks - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)To see an example of the changes mentioned in the video use this mod (1.4.2): USE ON YOUR OWN RISK ONLY!The .zip includes both, the server and the clientmod. Install them as usual.Changes/Fixes:- Mobs don't pick up items when they die-Portals "learn" how to teleport and stop creating lag after a few uses-The hitbox of ladders get's updated instantly-No more ghostfire-Enderpearls (arrows, potions, etc.) are connected to their thrower even after reload (as long as they share the same dimension)-Burning arrows ignite tnt from all six sides-Fire aspect creates cooked meat-Boats are oriented depending on the placing direction-TNT never drops an item when hit by explosion-Riding entities keep riding on reload-Unmounting enitites don't get invisible-Enderpearls can be thrown in creativemode

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