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Minecraft: Pretty Scary Update! Minecraft 1.4 (1.4.2) Full Release ALL Features by Setosorcerer видео майнкрафт 1.4.1

  • Размещено: 25-02-2013, 22:21
  • Просмотров: 451
This video took me forever, just like any full update videos. Normally I don't do this anymore, but lets try aiming for 1000 LIKES on this video! Excited for 1.4!!!!If I'm missing any updates, check the Minecraft Wiki below: Music used:Final Count The_Hyperborean_Menace Follow my Twitter: All my snapshots leading to 1.4 ;list=PL613415FBAE2786C3&in...Features as they appear in this video:- Superflat worlds can now be customized- New witch huts have been added to swamp Biomes- Carrots and Potatoes have now been added into the game and can be found in villages or rare drops from zombies- Carrots can be used to make golden carrots or carrot on a stick- Carrot on a stick can be used to control pigs. Right clicking will give a short boost of speed- Golden carrots can be used to make potion of night vision. This allows you to see clearly at night or in dark areas- If a fermented spider eye is used with a night vision potion, it turns into an invisibilty potion that turns you or mobs invisible- Potions, mob spawners, and custom mobs can now be changed with 3rd party softwares to create overpowered results. Potions not yet in the game can be created- Pumpkin pies can now be made with a pumpkin, egg, and sugar- New flower pots can now hold various types of plants- Placing wooden logs no longer is based on the angle of the player, but rather the base of the logs- New wooden button has been added, and both stone and wood buttons recipes have been changed.- Trap doors can now be placed on the top parts of blocks- Saplings hit box has been changed to be smaller- Stairs now connect at corners- Maps now give empty maps when created, and right clicking activates the map. By adding paper, you can extend the range of the map.- New item frames have added. You can place any item or blocks in them. Also maps, clocks, compasses keep functions once attached. Breaking frames gives items back.- Leather Armor had a new graphic changed. Leather Armor can now be dyed with dyes to change their colors. Right clicking dyed armor in cauldrons removes the dyes.- Fire spread is based on difficutly levels. The harder, the more they spread like the beta days.- New Cobblestone Walls that have the same characterists of fences have been added.- Repeaters now can now lock other repeaters when placed next to them.- Witches spawn only in their huts in the swamps.- They are immune to spash potions, and attack players with potions. When killed, they drop ingredients for potions or rarely finished potions- Bats are passive mobs that drop anything. They spawn in dark caves and areas, sleep during the day, and hang on the ceiling when idled-New wither skeletons have been added to nether fortresses only. They give a cursed wither effect when they attack. They have a rare chance in dropping a wither skeleton head.-New mob heads are very very rare drops from zombies, skeletons, creepers and players on servers. They can be worn or placed on surfaces or walls.-A new boss has been added into the game called The Wither. By collecting 3 wither skeleton skulls, 4 soul sand, and placing them in the same format as an iron golem, you can summon the boss anywhere. Be careful though because he will explode upon being summoned and attack anything that isn't undead. His attacks leave a wither 2 effect, which will cause damage overtime and even kill you. I have done multiple videos on how to kill him so I recommend checking my channel for thoese videos. Upon death, he will drop 100% of the time a nether star-Nether stars can be used to craft beacons in this format-Beacons have been added to the game- Wolves colars can now be dyed-Iron golems will attack slimes and magma cubes now.-Zombies can now infect villagers-To cure villagers, use a golden apple while they affected by a weakness potion.-Zombies will pick up any item and use them against you.-Villagers now have a trading cap when trading. -Villagers will like you more for trading, but dislike you for hurting or killing villagers or golems.-Pigs now use carrots to breed instead of wheat-Chickens now use seeds to breed with-You are given exp for fishing and breeding-Items or mobs that pass through a nether portal will be transferred through dimenisons.-In creative mode, you will automaticly transfer though the nether portal-New command blocks have been added into the game. They are meant to be used for adventure maps and games- Anvils have been added into the game. They can rename items into anything you want. You can use them to repair enchanted items with raw materials or the same tool. Renaming and repairing requires levels to use.

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