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(1) Let's Play Minecraft Herobrine and MO' Mods Episode 1!

  • Размещено: 18-01-2013, 11:41
  • Просмотров: 406
This is the first episode in my exciting new series of Let's Play Minecraft. I will be playing Minecraft with lots of fun mods installed that should make the experiences much more challenging and exciting for me. I am playing on hard difficulty, which is a challenge in and of itself for me, but I also have herobrine, slenderman, and all the Mo'Creatures mobs to deal with. Each episode, or at least in some future episodes, I plan on adding more mods to the list to constantly increase the challenge.So, I know that all of my previous series have ended in faliure. Last time, I lost all the world data and bin mod information for the series after a hardware failure on my laptop that resulted in me restoring my computer to factory defaults. I am stupid and forgot to make backup first, so I lost everything. This time, I will NOT lose any of the world data, and I promise to continue this series as long as I am able to. Here are the mods I am using so far:1. Herobrine Mod: 2. Mo'Creatures: 3.Slender Man Mod: I plan on adding more mods in the future. It feels great to be back, making videos again! I hope you guys enjoy this video. If you have any suggestions for anything from more mods to playstyle advice, please leave it in the comments below. If you liked this video, give it a thumbs up and remember to subscribe to my channel if you want constant updates on when I post new videos.

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