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Mo' Herobrine Minecraft Survival Day 4 (Lets Play)

  • Размещено: 7-06-2013, 13:43
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This is the fourth episode or day, what ever you want to call it of my Lets Play series with the Mo'Creatures mod and also with the Herobrine mod installed. In this episode I finally realized that in order for Herobrine to be able to spawn, you actually have to visit the totem pole when the world first loads up. Herobrine will not spawn any until you go close to the totem pole to reactivate it. That explains why Herobrine didn't make an appearance in episode 3, however it does not explain why he continues his streak of hiding. Hopefully he isn't planning something too evil or scary or anything.In other news I have been working on my fraps settings to try to produce the best overall quality video. Like I said in the video I have decided to record in 720p now. Whereas I used to record in my laptop's native resolution of 1600x900 and then downgrade the video to 720p because youtube does not support 900p resolution. The problem with that system was that it was very stressfull for my computer to be recording fraps in full size at such large resolutions so I decided to play on a smaller size. In the end the video should look very similar if not identical to the other episodes in quality.Also keep in mind that Day 5 may be slightly delayed based on how long it takes for the creators of the mods to update their mods. Hopefully that wont take long because as you know August 1 is the day 1.3 will allegedly be released. If you enjoyed this video rate it with a thumbs up and add it to your favorites list and share it with your friends. If you want to, don't forget to subscribe to my channel for updates on when I post more videos and stuff like that. Thanks for watching this video, have a nice day!



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