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Minecraft Zoo - Monster House карта Zoo для майнкрафта

  • Размещено: 16-01-2013, 08:59
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It's been a long time coming, but my Minecraft Zoo is finally here, with a home for every Monster & Animal! Please start with the Intro video for the full experience. This is the Monster House, where you'll find Minecraft's horrible denizens of the darkness. Featuring the Creeper, Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Slime, Enderman, Silverfish, & Cave Spider.INTRO (Start Here!): Animal House: The Golem Gardens: Nether Depths: ?: Full Playlist: ;feature=share&list=PL_lABM...Hey! I'm Adam (aka Swimming Bird), and I play games every day. I love you guys, and I read every comment! Please Rate and Subscribe: Zoo Map Download: Check out more funny Minecraft moments with monsters and animals: The song "Swimming Bird's Theme" is by the amazing musician Julian Cornell. Check him out here:

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