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Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 4 - Part 1 minecraft lets build текстуры

  • Размещено: 4-09-2012, 00:19
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Minecraft Modern House - Minecraft Lets Build: Modern House 4 - Part 1 Oh my snappy wappy! Modern House Lets Build?! Yes, finally. :) This is a total free style project and I have no idea where we going with this. But lest aim for 5-6 episodes and with your comments and suggestions it will look epic. Dont forget to support the old builder, give it a like if you enjoy it. Donate: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Texture pack: Soartex Fanver -------- Music & Vocals -------Intro Music was made by Heffay. Vocals are from: Outro Music:Brexain Diamonds, diamonds and a cookie for ya!

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