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Download Minecraft Full Version 1.5.2 for Free! 2013 [Instant Download!] minecraft 1.5.2 full version download

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Please "Like" my page! To say thanks, I'm going to do a download giveaway, where you just ask for what you want, and I will get it and give you the link to it for FREE! The top 5 comments on this video are going to be the first 5, so please COMMENT!================================================In this i will show you how to get Minecraft completely FREE! Download Minecraft Free: Some people think you can't install mods. Well there wrong because I have had several mods working at once on it. If you don't know how to install a mod just leave me a comment and i will make a video on how to install it. FAQ: Q. Why is my screen black when I press Enter Game A. You either have to update your Java or your video card.Q. Does this have multiplayer?A. Only on "cracked" servers, there's lot of them. Search on YouTube search bar something like "minecraft cracked server ip"Q. When I try to connect to a server, it says "Connection refused".A. The server is offline.Q. Can I put mods/texture packs on this?A. Yes you can. I'm sorry to say, but you can't join all servers, only "Cracked" servers. If your friend has a server you should be able to join it unless he pays for the server. If you just want to join any sever just try searching "cracked" on Clay soldiers: I do not take credit for the song.Download Dodge & Fuski - Falling here: Java Update: "Failed to Launch" Help: How to install mods: Update Video Card: JRE Java Direct Download: Search "Cracked" on this website for cracked servers: Check out my new Let's play! Install skins: Please make a request for a tutorial.

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