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New York in Minecraft !!! [HD 1080p] + DOWNLOAD (Official by TheBlackStar2play) the blacs srtar minimap is new york minecraft 1/7/10

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Facebook: Twitter: *****************************************************************PLEASE COMMENT AFTER READING DESCRIPTION!***************************************************************** =====================IMPORTANT!=====================for all: the twin towers doesnt exist since the foundation of new amsterdam!!!!this map is a NYC replica of the 1930s! the twin towers are build in the 1960s - 1970s!please dont comment about the twin towers! and just another notice: this map is not finished! so if there arent some buildings or the statue of liberty it can only mean that they arent build! we are not sure if we extended the old map. and just another thing i want to say you: if my english isnt correct please dont write comments like 'learn english' or something else. im from germany and you know there we speak german but i learn english and strict myself to write it right.thanks for reading this text.=====================EXTENSIONS=====================The map is cancelled by us but if you want to see some updates just visit this channel: he extended the old map.=====================MAP INFOS:=====================STATUS: not finished (this map never gets finished because we build a new one!)MAP TYPE: superflatMODS USED: mc edit (for the huge stone block where the city is)MADE IN MC VERSIONS: 1.0-1.1BUILD TIME: 6-8 weeksBUILDER: NicoBVB4ever ,Lennard,The_Boss_BS, C_B_JohnSCALE: ~1:4 ~1:5DECADE: 1930sGAMEMODE: creativeCITYDISTRICT: midtownMAX. BUILDHIGH: 128 blocks because this map is build before anvil!=====================IMPORTANT:=====================these flags have NOTHING to do with the german reich or something else!!!its only our flag,if there a big problem we can change it!!!=====================LINKS=====================Minecraft Forum : Lets show NYC in Minecraft 1 [german]: NEW CITY: OUR SERVER: Download: TEXTUREPACK=Misa: FACEBOOK: SONG NAME: Junior Jack - E Samba=====================Please give a feedback! :)=====================COPYRIGHT: The Black Star Mfa & co. - W.E. Companys

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