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Minecraft Gameplay - A Sexy Beginning to a Minecraft Gameplay - Part 1 (/w KestalKayden) фледжекей шоп

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Enjoy the video? Subscribe: Minecraft is a life simulation game developed by a company called Mojang. It is where you, the player, is thrusted into a cube-based world where you embark on a block-based adventure. There are many types of different monsters to encounter in the world of minecraft: skeletons, zombies, creepers, spiders, dragons, witches, ghasts, and more!You spawn in the world of Minecraft, all alone and without anything. You're sole objective is to survive and thrive in a land filled with caves and resources, guided only by your creativity.Feel free to tweet @KestalKayden to ask me questions. I love your questions! Don't forget to take a look at the following links as I post all the updates there as well.JOIN MY GROWING AUDIENCE! TUMBLR: TWITTER: FACEBOOK: You are forced to survive on a map that is dynamically and randomly generated when you first log in; you will encounter animals for food, resources such as trees for wood, and so much more. You can build yourself shelter from monsters, or mine precious minerals to help you along the way and make your adventure even more fun.FOLLOW ME AS I PLAY MINECRAFT SURVIVAL Minecraft Playlist: Mojang continues to work on releasing updates that continue to bring in more features. For example, they added potatos and carrots which are easy to harvest and plant, making food production that much easier. They added new block decorative types such as paintings, flower pots, and picture frames, as well as adding new blocks like Nether Quartz or Comparators.Redstone allows you to create semi-automated, if not automated game mechanics to provide you with a more creative experience. You can use redstone to create an automated lighting system, or even an automated melon farm.You can create many wonderful logic-based contraptions with redstone and even build a beacon to give you passive buffs to help destroy your enemies. Mojang and the Minecraft Team continuously add new blocks and features to the game to help enhance the gameplay and experience, not only for yourself in single player, but with others in multiplayer as well.During Christmas 2012, they added Fireworks which was a rather big hit among many minecraft users, as well as things like nether ores, comparators, and daylight sensors.One of the biggest charms about minecraft is that you can utilize mods to give you a unique gameplay experience that is tailored to only you. The mincraft modding community is very active and there are tons of mods for you to choose from.If you would like to see some of my Minecraft Mod Spotlights: MOD SPOTLIGHTS: list=PLvS24QjGw7bL5sT-UqO38MBvzEVFeZVjKAre you interested in some Minecraft-related Tutorials? MINECRAFT TUTORIALS: list=PLvS24QjGw7bIYS4JaWJWCccmSI9FHoay6&feature=view_allThe Main Mods that I'd recommend using are: OPTIFINE MOD: REIS MINIMAP: CRAFTGUIDE MOD: These mods can be installed with ease once you get the basics of minecraft modding under your belt. If you are unsure how to mod in Minecraft, I have 2 of the following tutorials which are the basis of modding. INSTALL MODLOADER: INSTALL FORGE: I purchased the rights to 2 pieces of music for this channel. VIDEO INTRO: Intro VIDEO OUTRO: OutroThis series is all about Minecraft Gameplay and this lets play goes through my journey of Minecraft, from Minecraft 1.4.2 all the way to the most recent version released by Mojang. This is a survival series made by KestalKayden.Extra Tags: Minecraft Gameplay, Minecraft Lets Play, Minecraft Game Play, Minecraft Gameplay Part 1, Minecraft Part 1, Minecraft Lets Play Part 1

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