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Minecraft Huge Imperial City update 6 + map download скачать карту для майнкрафт Minecraft Huge Imperial City

  • Размещено: 22-04-2013, 13:42
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Download the map here: dynamic map: :8126/Please see the warning at the end of the description / merci de lire l'avertissement la fin de la description / gracias por leer la advertencia al fin de la descripcion / Vielen Dank fr das Lesen der Warnung am Ende des VideosThis is a collective project under construction. Our city's style is typical of the 19th and early 20th centuries, showing our re-interpretation of neo-classical, Beaux-Arts and Modern Style. Our main source of inspiration would be Paris, but we also took ideas from New York, Chicago, Vienna, London, Berlin, Brussels... We will post more videos as the city expands and changes. Enjoy!Additions to v6: fortifications, changes in color, several new buildings (factories, palaces), roads and lightning changesWarning: some of the viewers noted that it could remind of fascist or stalinist architecture. This is true in a sense because we wanted to build something monumental, but it should be noted that this project is just for fun and has absolutely NO political agenda.

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