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Minecraft Mod Showcase: The Ether Mod! скачать мод на the ether для майнкрафт 1.5.1

  • Размещено: 14-02-2013, 14:20
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Lets reach 700+ Likes for the most epic mod in minecraft ever!Subscribe And Join the spank me army at The Ether Mod Download: ==========Stay Connected========== (Check The Links Below)Gaming Channel: Twitter: Facebook: ==========Video Information==========Minecraft Mod Showcase The Ether Mod. Minecraft mod showcase The Ether mod 1.5.1 . Minecraft mod spotlight The Ether mod. Minecraft mod review The Ether mod . In this minecraft mod video I review and show the ether mod mod. The ether mod is for minecraft 1.5 and 1.5.1 . In this mod showcase of the ether mod I show the crafting recipies , armours , weapons , resorcses , mobs , and god bosses in the ether mod. This is one of the most amazing minecraft mods of all time. The ether is a new dimension with a new adventure in the sky in a new world where you find new creatures , resources / ores to make new armor , weapons , and tools . Enchated staffs and enchanted swords with special effects on them. There are much more challenging mobs and god bosses in the ether such as nix , dante , and Atlas the possed god.

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