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Minecraft Nightfall Survival Island Multiplayer! Ep. 1

  • Размещено: 24-04-2013, 18:21
  • Просмотров: 265
Like our Facebook Page at: Want to play the same map? just use the seed: NightfallSo Mike and I postpone our regular series for a bit due to scheduling issues but we start a survival-island type thing and we end up starving to death...Make sure to like and favorite for more! and don't forget to subscribe to be caught up on the action!I used Fraps to record it, Premiere Pro CS5 to edit it together, Adobe soundbooth to capture and edit my sound and Adobe Media Encoder to render it out!if you want to buy Minecraft, visit: ~ignore this~Minecraft Multiplayer Nightfall nightfall seed survival island Ep. 1 starving to death 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 prerease How to system pianomanbd ghosgar ghosgar46 Fraps recording test Premiere Pro CS5 After Effects Adobe Soundbooth Media Encoder rendering settings effect game gaming headset microphone games server howto tutorial intro Mars Gustav Holst Brett Mike find cave diamond coal creeper attack skeleton zombie awesome funny lets play Notch is tutorial Bluexephos zxnoregretzzxz mrcrainer inthelittlewood capturedhd captainsparklez Haatflims



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