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Top 5 Minecraft Xbox 360 Structures - ROLLERCOASTERS

  • Размещено: 11-02-2013, 17:14
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Enjoy today's Top 5 video? Be sure to give it a like, and SUBSCRIBE for more Top 5 Structure countdowns!--------------• Next Time: MAZES! - 15/04/13• The week AFTER Mazes is 'HOTELS' for those who want to build ASAP!---------------RULES - How To Submit!1) Send an e-mail to "top5structures360@hotmail.co.uk"2) Include your Xbox LIVE gamertag and/or world file so I can record your structure.3) Include pictures! (MUST)4) Include your YouTube link so I can give you credit5) DO NOT send your e-mail after Saturday 13th April, 3:00PM GMT - any submissions sent after this time will not be accepted, sorry!*OPTIONAL* - Include your world file for the submission. This does not have to be done, but will be greatly appreciated! (Tutorial on how to upload your world file - )--------------• Nuropsych1 - • The cRz Clan - ( )• wesley vb berg - • xMig TKx - • iOwNvOrIgInZz--------------• Twitter: • Facebook Page: • Store! (UK): • Store! (US): --------------Music Used (In Order):• C148 - Cat (Caution & Crisis Remix)( )• "Limitless" - Project 46- Song Link: - Album Link: • " Resurrection of the Dagger" - Varien- Song Link: - Album Link: • "Equivalence of Two Worlds" - Instrumental Core• "Disconnected" - Pegboard Nerds- Song Link: - Album Link: • "Beetlejuice" - Figure( )----------Extra Tags: minecraft mine craft xbla xbox 360 arcade edition top 5 10 houses structures cribs mansions seeds castles dungeons mods traps today this week best ever new news info information airports ships boats pirate battleships floating airships air pixel art 3d 2d rollercoasters

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