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Minecraft - Galacticraft Mod майнкрафт galacticraft

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Dave travels to the stars in the awesome mod by Micdoodle8: Download the mod: Oxygen Collector will collect oxygen from nearby leaf blocks (within 10 blocks).To plant trees on other planets, you will need a few water blocks nearby.You can use the Oxygen Pipes to connect the Oxygen Collector.Oxygen collector will, based on the amount of oxygen coming from adjacent pipes, distribute blocks of breathable air into a small area around it.While exploring on a planet, you will need an Oxygen mask, gear and two tanks for the slots in the "R" screen.You can remove your gear while in a breathable oxygen block.Sensor glasses are semi useless atm, but when you wear them you can see Galacticraft mobs brighter at night. Goes in the default armor slot, not the Galacticraft helmet one.Jet pack goes in default chest slot. Upward velocity is based on how far down you are looking (not sure if I'm keeping that).None of the tools and armor have stats yet : Reinforced bucket should let you pick up and place 2 water/lava/milk, but make sure it's still working before showing it off :PArrows from skeletons and player bows will shoot arrows that are less reactive to gravity.The "Buggy" vehicle suits it's name very well. It should work, but it's not nearly done. You should check out the flags, I'm pretty happy with that feature :) You're british, so you won't approve of the american one, but I only added that for generation purposes on the moon haha.Meteors will be constantly falling from above. Just hope none hit your base.Meteors can be mined with titanium pickaxes I believe, they drop meteoric iron.Meteoric Iron doesn't have a use yet.Buy cheap games from my store, Use the code (on checkout) "DaveChaosSpecial" for a extra 5% off the price! Download Dave's YouTube browser plugin: Music by Kubbi - Dave's Wishlist: T-shirts: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Twitch.tv: Email: GLaDOS@davechaos.co.uk

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