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"Cube Land" - A Minecraft Music Video - An Original Song by Laura Shigihara (PvZ Composer)

  • Размещено: 10-10-2012, 18:53
  • Просмотров: 584
Download the song here! Subscribe to Plants vs Zombies composer, Laura Shigihara! Follow the download link to find the credits song too, it's part of the album "Melolune" called Upperland ForestTwitter.................. Facebook............. Live Stream.......... Map created by RenezaalDownload it here! Old Vintage effect by Creative Dojo Typing sound from freesound.orgArtist: maarten_wezRigs provided byTheAusFinn: AnimaterCraft: This video was in the works since December. The first few months was storyboard work and finding a good map. The last few monthsI spent time animating. It was hard getting time to because of school and getting a video up every other week.In the past month I've found more time to work on it and decided to just focus on this video only. This is why there was a big gap in uploads.~Lyrics~(verse 1) I'm in a cube land I dig with cold hands I use these tools to try and climb out of this mess I've made My door is open Skeletons and zombies I am broken, as they walk all over me But if I keep on building walls, maybe they'll stay away (pre-chorus) Think fast, it's got to last if you're gonna make it through the rest of the day I'm trapped, I can't go back, I've made the choice to stay (chorus) And we'll fight... keep defending through the night (we'll fight the good fight) Live... we're all driven to survive (we'll fight the good fight) I'll keep going, just stay by my side. (verse 2) I'm in a cube land My castle's so grand And once I lay these tracks I'll finally make my escape I am no one I have no place, no one relates And there is no sun As the night covers this space But I beg you, please please don't let this life go to waste (repeat pre-chorus and chorus)Tools:3ds MaxAdobe After EffectsAdobe Premiere ProAdobe Photoshop

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