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Minecraft Mods - AIRCRAFT MOD! FLY ANYTHING! [1.5.1] Fly Anything in Minecraft

  • Размещено: 11-01-2013, 18:29
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These mods are hard to cover so a LIKE is very appreciated :DSubscribe if you want... it's free! Twitter: Facebook: Hey Everyone,Hope you enjoyed my 1.5.1 Minecraft mod review on the "HariboteAirCraft" mod. If you would like to check out this mod go here: ;t=10418Skydaz link: *** You must download both the items in the "Downloads tab" and use Google Chrome to translate the page ***Thanks so much for watching!ChazMusic by BananapielordFind him here: Find his music here: ;feature=plcpOutro music by MitiSSong: Innocent DiscretionFind it here: Thanks to MinecraftGallery for the thumbnail pic: Extra stuff:minecraft,mojang,1.5.1,mod,mods,review,spotlight,WIP,showcase,highlight,diamond,­custom,map,maps,MODS,seed,creeper,lets,play,playthrough,walkthrough,bukkit,gamep­lay,chazofftopic,how,to,new,smack,combo,respawn,hd,update,multiplayer,video,game­,gaming,tutorial,howto,weapons,greatest,tnt,part,guide,original,1.9,pre,release,­prerelease,texture,server,host,wiki,build,skin,notch,xbox360,UgoCraft,HariboteAi­rCraft,fly,planes mod,aircraft,jet,prop,airline,commercial,airline,flight,f18,747,boeing

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